New Pixie And Bob Haircuts 2019 – Super Short Hairstyles


One of the the other amazing trend short hairstyles is Garcon look for a great hair looking. On the top of the head, as well as on the sides, he is kept extremely short and is often styled a bit disheveled. The short-cut, round pony looks very feminine in contrast to the cheeky upright styled strands and the pointed side parts.

Short hairstyles and short haircuts for women review

The Garcon cut can be sleeker and more casual with straighteners or hair driers by simply styling the entire hairstyle. When you look carefully the details, short hair cuts are definitely feminine. They play around the face and look soft. Garcon cut, asymmetrical shorthair bob and 80’s short hairstyle have one thing in common – they can be quickly and easily styled and fall!

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If you want to see the hairstyles braids 2019 varieties, you are definitely in the right place! In this article, you will see extra short hair styles. You can adapt any of these hairstyles to your own hair. Want to explore these hairstyles now?

In the photo above you see a very feminine short haircut. This feminine short hairstyle is often used by business women. The front image of the hair is messy and cool, while the rear image is more regular. The fact that the front part of the hair is cut to form a laughter makes this model particularly suitable for women with large faces. Because women who prefer this model can camouflage a part of their face with the messy front of the hair.

The above model, which is one of the hairstyles no heat types, is a very useful short hairstyle. This short hairstyle can be applied to straight hair. The top of the head has a more bulging appearance. This is because the hair in this area is left longer. The length of the hair shortens as you go towards the neck. Therefore, it is possible to obtain a more regular image.

If you are looking for a short haircut that is quite easy to use, this haircut is for you. Especially women with small facial structure often use this hairstyle. This hairstyle has a half-fringe model. The back of the hair is quite swollen. Because the lower part of the hair extra shortened and it is created such an image.

If you want to attract attention with your curly hair and if you are trying to make your hairstyle more feminine, this hairstyle is for you. As you can see above, you can fasten a part of your hair with a hairpin. When the other part of your hair is released, a more cool and stylish look will be created. To achieve the above hair style you need to use a curling iron. So this model is not one of the kind of hairstyles no heat. Nevertheless, this model can give you an idea about hairstyles to do with short hair


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