60+ New Short Haircuts 2019 – Dyed Hair – Blonde Hair – Gray Hair And More!


Among the trends in short hairstyles 2019 include cuts in the undercut style. However, softer than a few seasons ago. Instead of completely shaved, the pages 2019 are only a little shorter, the outer hair remains long. This allows you to create many different styles from smooth to curly and rocky-mussed.Short Hairstyles and Short Haircuts- The best women hair designs

In 2019, the noble wet look is very popular on hair design world. The great thing: The trend style can be implemented particularly well with short hairstyles. Just comb back the sides with gel and the front hair part with a little volume back. Also an important trend in women’s short hairstyles 2019: the pony. Particularly popular is the combination of chin-long Short Bob and fringed pony. Depending on the occasion, this hairstyle can be worn smooth and elegant or rocking. Tip: Give some Texture Spray in your short hair. This makes them easier to grip and get natural volume.

Gray hairstyles have been preferred by many people recently. Particularly popular among young people, gray hairstyles have become one of the most important icons of the new generation marginal style. Gray hairstyles are especially used with short hairstyles. The hairstyle you see above is one of the most frequently preferred models. This model, which is among the types of gray hairstyles, is considered among the masculine hairstyles. Among the Pixie short hair cuts, gray hair has become quite popular lately. Similar to a men’s shave, it is considerably shorter than the front and slightly longer in the middle of your head. Therefore, your hair shows a slightly upward appearance in the middle of your head.

You can add a feminine look to your fashion short hairstyle by gently combing your hair to the left. Particularly preferred by women with a petite physique, this image fits in with classic hair colors as well as crazy hairstyles. Your hair needs to have a strait structure so that it can be combed to the left like in the image and looks aesthetic like the image. You can apply straightening keratin treatment to your hair or use hair straightener while trying to shape your hair.

Let your hair blinked upwards to have a constantly hyperactive look! If you want to try more fun models instead of classic short haircuts, this hairstyle is for you! Unusual women who are sporty in style will love this hairstyle. Please note that you need to have a hair dryer in your home to shape this model in everyday routine.

If you want to use your hair in a short way but do not find very short models for yourself, how about a nice change with a less asservative model? Cutting your hair at the level of your ears will make your facial contours more evident and will give a sharper and sexy image to your looks. These cuts, called blunt haircuts, are one of the most popular types of short haircuts. Famous pixie hairstyles are used in combination with classic hair colors. You can use your hair in this model as straight or wavy.


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