60+ New Modern Short Haircuts For Women – Pixie And Bob Cut 2019


Especially men wear short hairstyles nowadays have been for women interestingly. This has not only practical, but also often hormonal reasons: For example, the androgenetic hair loss (alopecia), which in combination with a long hair ring usually tends to be neglected. While in other cultures and not too long ago long men’s hair was considered a symbol of strength and potency and still applies today, this symbolism of long hair has changed in Western culture: at the latest with the sad events of 9/11 – the sociological Studies – long hair as a sex symbol became increasingly detached from short hair in conjunction with the long-neglected beard.

To be found more and more often in urban areas, the popularity of this not too surprising male look is becoming more and more widespread. Accessories can also be used great on the Pixie: from hair bands to clips and clips in various designs to tiaras or smartly colored clip-in strands, there are no limits to your imagination and taste.

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One of the most preferred models of short hairstyles is messy short hairstyles. These hairs are often used by women who want to create a bohemian style. Combined with wavy or curly hair, this messy hair style is frequently used in daily life today. As seen above, you can apply the model by coloring your hair to yellow. A more crazy color will also be fun: blue, pink or green!

If you want your hair to be long at the back of your head and shorter at the front, this hairstyle may be right for you. If you use this hairstyle in combination with the straight hair structure as above, your hairstyle will look more prominent. In this way, people can easily notice the hairstyle you choose with full of like and you can collect lots of compliments. But if you are going to use this hairstyle with a wavy short haircut, the model will not be seen very clear. Therefore, it is useful to use a hair straightener. This hairstyle is often used by people with small faces.

What about a messy, unique and artistic short haircut? We recommend you to dye your hair with a pastel color to get an image like the one above! Among the original pixie haircuts, the most popular models are usually tried by different colored hair. Because when the original models are combined with original colors, more artistic images emerge. After you cut your hair short paint your hair with lilac and use it as wavy.

How about choosing a short haircut that is slightly bulging from the top? If you are bored of ordinary masculine or ordinary feminine short haircuts, this image will give you a very different ambience. Especially women who like to use intense eye makeup often prefer this hairstyle. Because this model does not create an unnecessary crowd on your face, this model offers a large area for your makeup to be clearly visible. Moreover, especially if you have a light-colored skin, your face becomes a painter’s palette.


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