50+ Latest Pixie And Bob Haircuts For Women – Cute Hairstyles 2019


The short hairstyle from the 80s is also experiencing its revival in 2019. While the lateral parts are quite short, the softly graded bangs are combed in the face. Dark brown shades with highlights in bright red bring the cult years back to life. Mushroom heads and ’80s styles are in fashion again. Today we will review the short hair cuts ideas for women. Here the details:

Short hair styles and short hair cuts for women in 2019 year

A subtle undercut ensures narrow side parts, length variations on the top and back of the head cause more volume and lightness. Absolutely fitting would be a glowing honey blond. Our short hair trends for 2019 can be set in a completely new way with the right styling.
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If you want to combine gray hair color with short haircuts the above hairstyle can be a pretty good idea to you. One of the most popular hairstyles with short hair is the model shown in the photo above. In this model, the front part of the hair is much longer than the back part. Because the back is short, it doesn’t even touch the back of the neck. Hairstyles easy short hair is one of the varieties of this hair style can be used with straight hair. Therefore, if the structure of your hair is not straight, you will need to use a hair straightener.

If you don’t want your hair to need combing, you can try the look of the hair, which has more pointed tips. For example, dyed varieties of some hairstyles can be quite interesting thanks to such hairstyles. Because this kind of marginal models, especially colored marginal hair color is compatible with. To have this hairstyle, the bottom of your hair must be engraved. The middle and front sides of your hair can be about 3 centimeters tall. What you need to do while styling your hair is to use gel. You need to shape your hair upwards with the help of the hair gel. This is one of the most popular models among the Hairstyles 2019 women models.

Get rid of the long and weak look of your hair! Shorten the length of your hair a little. In this way, your hair will look fuller and healthier than before. As you can see in the photo above, when you choose this model, all you have to do is straighten your hair. If you do not want to do this kind of continuous hair straightening, you can also receive permanent hair straightening care.

The first few tufts in the front are longer than the back, especially for people with reservations about short hair. Among the hairstyles for women, you can try this model, which is one of the most popular models preferred by both young people and middle-aged people. You can review the other models for find the best for you.


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