30 Summer Short Haircut Styles 2019


Summer short haircut is a must trend for the next 3 months. The oppressive summer heat can sometimes provide the last spur so that you need to turn the flowing mane. Especially into the Bob or Pixie you’ve been looking for so long. But what if your hair is short? Even if you do not have an elbow length to cut, do you still feel like making a few changes?

Summer Short Haircut: The Undercut Style

Summer short hairstyles provides an emphasis on the longer upper hair if you have a bob, a shaved neck upwards. Without having to worry about annoying hair on the back of the head. The best thing about an undercut, though, is that it’s easy to hide when you feel like it. If you have open hair, you will not notice anything out of the ordinary at first glance. But when you put your hair together, the unique surprise look comes to the fore.

Give Your Pixie Cut More Style To Become A Summer Short Haircut

Summer short hairstyles also work for Pixie Cuts! Of course it will be a bit harder to hide it in hindsight, but that can also be a good thing. For example, this model is a longtime bearer of waves. It is constantly chipping us off with her nice and daring short hairstyles. This is a great summer look for women with thick hair, because the more shaved, the easier the styling goes. Try an ultra defining gel to get the same volume.


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