30+ Latest Modern Short Hairstyles 2019 – Pixie & Bob Short Haircuts


Short hair cut is not the same as short hair cut: the classic style is not for everyone, which is why men with enough head hair opt for the round cut or – often to be seen in the older generation. The more modern Mecki variant of the breakwater (the longer pony is pulled in the form of a triangle over the otherwise smooth hair) is preferred by younger men rather and offers plenty of creative scope: the pony party can be styled according to the occasion more flexible. Who has the luck of a full head of hair, that is given free play with the individuality.

Short Hairstyles and Short Haircuts- Recommended hair styles

Starting with the longer-left ponyparty on individual side strands up to the undercut or hair tattoo, everyone wears his hair as he pleases. Girls, on the other hand, generally tend to have long hair, but superficially they make the difference between the sexes, at least among the youngest. But here too exceptions confirm the rule. Girls who still wear short, but also love the beautiful and colorful accessories: it may like to be conspicuous or sumptuous – the younger the girl, the more colorful it usually goes on the head. A colored strand or pretty hair accessories such as hair bands, braided overlong bands or clips make every young lady even with short hair a little lady.

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If you are tired of ordinary images and are looking for original pixie haircut models, this image is exactly for you. The above pixie haircut for black hair is so cool thanks to the hair scraper. You should start by scraping the right and left areas of your hair to form a rectangle. If you want to try this hairstyle, the front side of your hair should be longer than the back side. When styling your hair, you can blow up the front side and lift it up. Since its back side is short, it will not require shaping.

The hairstyle you see above is different from the others. Because this hairstyle is especially designed for fuller and straight hair. Very short cut hair, after being dyed gray, goes through the straightening process. If your original hair is straight, you may not need a final process. Above is blunt and short hairstyle combined with gray hair. This combining style is one of the most popular styles for pixie short hair styles. By combining marginal hair colors with cool short haircuts like the one above, you can get an impressive look.

Who said you could use one color on your short hairstyle? In this hairstyle, you apply the desired hair color on your own color with a different color interval. In the hairstyle you see in the photo, the yellow color  is applied periodically on the brown hair. This is called the highlighting operation in hair. You can also look at the different photos for short haircuts with highlights. This hairstyle is generally preferred by business women aged 30 and over. If you like this model you can choose it also.

This hairstyle, which is shorter than the left side on the right side, is preferred by many young women. If you like short hairstyles but don’t like your face looking just like framed, you can choose asymmetrical short haircuts. In the photo above, the model used an asymmetric model. Especially white – skinned women can combine these models with copper hair colors.


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