3 Mistakes in Hair Care – For Instantly Nicer Hair


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If you want beautiful and wonderful hair – and who does not want that! -, you should pay attention to the proper care of your hair. How you wash, dry, style and handle your hair in everyday life has a huge impact on your hair health.

1. Combine conventional hair spray with heat

Have you already sprayed your hair with hair spray and then turned it on the curling iron? The hiss that results is not a good sign of hair health. The alcohol in the hair spray reacts to the heat and can leave damage on the hair.

2. Use care products incorrectly

Many hair care products are misused. Instead of doing something good for the hair, the wrong hair care can make the hair weak and even lead to dandruff and greasy hair.

Use shampoo properly

Take a walnut-sized amount of shampoo and rub well between the palms. Spread the shampoo well on the neck – do not lather lengths and tips!

Massage well and rinse your hair. The shampoo, which runs over lengths and tips when rinsing, is sufficient for cleaning.

Use masks and treatments properly

Masks and treatments are suitable for special needs, such as the structure of the hair structure, moisturize or compress the hair. Always read the instructions on the packaging and use the treatment only where your hair needs it.

3. The hair care routine contradicts itself

Who does not know the situation: They stand in front of the shampoo shelf or surf through the online shop and have no idea which products you could take.

Many of us mix wildly the products, which unfortunately is not always good for the hair. Think about what your main problem with hair care is, for example, if you want to repair your broken hair.

Adjust the hair care routine to this need. Do not mix the products of a line you mix. For example, if you want extra volume at the base, you can use a foaming lotion that adds volume.



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